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Thursday, December 23, 2021

man killed his girlfriend for picking her ex call

Benjamin Emily Charles said his cousin, Winnie Ashuli, was visiting her boyfriend when her phone rang. It turned out to be the cousin’s ex-boyfriend and she picked the call. According to Benjamin, this led to an argument as a result of which the boyfriend slapped Winnie and she slapped him back. Winnie then decided she had had enough and was trying to leave the boyfriend’s apartment when the man reportedly blocked her way and tried to hold her against her will. A struggle reportedly ensued during which the man allegedly strangled Winnie.The case has been reported to the police.

Read Benjamin’s full post below:

“THE B*ST!ARD THAT KILLED MY COUSIN SISTER HERE IN U/BORO, OH…! WINNIE(ASHULI)…! RIP. When she went to his house, and a call from her ex-boyfriend came into her phone. And that created a quarrel where he slapped her and she slapped (him) back, and said she (would) leave his house and never come back again, so he blocked his door that she will not leave and then she began struggling (with my cousin who) wanted going home, and (then) he started beating her, till he strangled her to death.

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