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Thursday, November 25, 2021

My sister help her husband to rape me, Lady narrates in tears.


A lady identified as Felister Wambui has come out to narrate how her sister’s husband forced himself on her. Surprisingly, it is her sister who encouraged him to do the act.

Felister was once happily married but her husband suddenly became abusive. That is when she decided to divorce him and go back home.

Life at home became unbearable and she decided to go and live with her sister in the city. 

On the first night, her sister’s husband came to her room together with her sister. The man forced himself on her as her sister held her legs so that she wouldn’t escape.

Felister was left traumatised and the next day, she left the home and went back to her parents. She was very bitter but couldn’t tell anyone what had happened for fear of being judged. 

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