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Friday, September 24, 2021

Mother from hell

Chapter 2

The next day, Mrs. Larai went to Teewa’s room to wake her up; "Haba Teewa! Are you still sleeping? Have you forgotten you are taking me to Buba’s shrine today." She said.

"Yes! Thank you for reminding me, i was so tired yesterday that is why i couldn't wake up early. I'm sorry dear!" Teewa responded.

"Okay! Get up and get yourself let be the first people he will attend to today." Larai said.

"Okay lara!" Teewa said.

Teewa get up, shower and dressed in loving and admiring Ankara. On their way, they met Sanda the elder brother to Larai's husband. They both looked him in a high hand. Sanda was surprised and shocked seeing Larai looking at him in that manner. He couldn't hold to her negative attitude.

"Good morning Larai! So, your attitude has reached the stage that you can no longer greet your husband's elder brother?" Sanda said angrily.

"Oh! It is you? Good morning my in law." Larai said in negative manner.

"Eeh... in-law? So i still deserve some respect from you? I thought am nothing more than a paper to you?" Sanda questioned angrily.

"Toh, why barking since you knew you still deserves some respect from me?" Larai questioned Sanda.

"Eewo.... Me barking! So i am now a dog right? from in law to dog abi?" Sanda said disappointedly.

"Haba Larai, why all this he worth some respect ai." Teewa said in a calmly manner.

"Kutmelesi, some respect ne ma? you Teewa, because your husband is no more that is why you don't know the value of men right?" Said Sanda.

"A’a... what have i done negatively now? Me that am trying to calm her has turn to something abi?" Teewa reacted.

"Mtweee.... Na you get his time." Larai said and walk away.

"Look at you with that your mouth like plate, i will deal with you later." Sanda said.

"And you with that your mouth like razor, if you repeat what you said again, i will deal with you. Stupid woman!" Sanda said.

"Hmmm may God helps us." Teewa said on her leave.

"May God help me alone not with you, what did you need again? After all He has done, you have a big house and money while I'm still earning from cassava. So you do not appreciate what he gave you? nonsense human being!" Sanda said.

"Hope you have seen what you caused to yourself. Imagine this old brat keep on telling us rubbish." Larai said.

"How can i bring a flashy car to buba place, don’t you know that Buba stayed in the bush and where can we park the car and which way would we follow to maintain the car from scratches with this long trees?" Teewa said.

"Yes! You are right my friend." Larai said.

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