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Friday, September 17, 2021

Mother from hell



I dedicate this book to almighty allah


My gratitude goes to Mr. Haruna  mustapha for helping me with the editing.

Written by hafsat marwa


There lived a wicked woman called Lara. She is married to a kind, softhearted and a lawyer called Mr. Ubale. They are blessed with two daughters. She is very dangerous and wicked woman while her husband like staying indoors. He loves his wife and daughters, he provide their needs to the satisfaction to avoid them from evil eyes (stealing) and begging. But Mrs. Lara never appreciated all the effort rendered on her by the husband. She has nothing doing rather than blowing in the direction of native doctors for magic powers.

Her daughters names are clara and mara and they are very brilliant and intelligent. They love their father and aside the mother due to her negative attitude upon their father. The first daughter is 23 years old while the younger is 20 years old. Clara is the first daughter and she is just like her mother. She don’t pity their father because she always accompany her mother to the native doctors. Mara loves their father very well and beyond the climate.

Mara is friendly and jovial which got some of her friends visit her, her mother isn't impressed with her attitude and always chasing her friends away.

One day Mrs. Lara went to her village Mawi. In the village, there is a great and devilish man whose magic and charm are very powerful. Many married women within and outside the village came for the charm to charm their husbands. The devil man do all he could just to maintain them and have something in return. Mrs. Lara heard a lot of him and decided to visit his shrine.

Mrs. Lara has a friend called Teewa and they are very closed friends right from their childhood age. Teewa is also wicked. She sacrificed her husband just to abide the rules and regulation of the native doctor.

Malam Buba (devilish man), many people knows him by his wicked act. Teewa told her friend Mrs. Lara everything and she was satisfied hearing his wickedness.

“wow! Teewa am very happy.” Mrs. Lara said.u

"You are very happy, why?" Teewa asked.

"Because am tired of my husband and his daughters. He is not rich and also dirty." Lara answered

"What about your daughters, are you not afraid of what will happen to them when you take them to Buba,"  Teewa asked.

"Mtswee... rubbish, I will get another child with Buba"  Lara answered.

"Who told you that you can get another child with Buba? Look my friend, Buba doesn't need a child. I'm also worried about what I did to my husband. I think I will stop going to Buba's place." Teewa said regrettably.

"Look at you, you are talking like a baby, common Teewa my friend, you have money ai you don’t need to be worry of getting a child, see me I don’t care oo, if I will get money and a big house like this, i won't mind my dear." Mrs. Lara said.

"Ok! Since you say so, I will take you to his shrine but not today because am so tired and i need to have some rest." Teewa said.

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