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Monday, May 24, 2021

The return of the crocodile


Three years later, Mr. salisu still suffering from the pains beyond thought of the family. The family took him to many hospitals but they can't identify the sickness neither to proffer a solution to it.

Some months later, they took him to some herbalist but they couldn't do anything. The sickness increases day by day which result him to be mute for while.

Mr. Salisu continue suffering to the length his neighbours came to check on him and cannot recognised them either. They feels pity on his condition and the sickness become worse and worsen.

A week later, chicken pox frame his body and he started olfaction bad. The next day when his wife went to check on him in his room. She was shocked and confused to what she saw. She found him dead with a crocodile body which reminds her of what the crocodile's wife said and warned him when she appeared to him at first.

She said; “I will be back for revenge” and now she has taken.

The end.

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