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Monday, May 10, 2021

The return of the crocodile


Later that night, they went to bed and something dropped down from the roof. It sounded as if it is thunder storm and they all woke up quickly and all they heard was a voice outside the room. Mr. salisu rushed outside and behold; he saw a pretty and beautiful young lady. "Who are you and what are you doing by this hour of the night?" He asked.

"I was traveling with my parent and some thieves shots them to death and i don’t know where to go to. I saw this house and decided to come for assistance." She replied.

Mr. Salisu then took her to his female children's room, he explain what happens to his daughters as she narrated to him and then walked out to his room. When getting to his room to lay down to sleep. Suddenly, the lady appears in his room. He was nervous and got scared of seeing her in his room. He don’t know what to do for some seconds. He then asked her again; “Who are you and what do you want from me?”

“I am the wife of the crocodile you killed and am here for revenge. You killed my husband the father of my childrens and you think of living on this earth? No! That cannot be possible you must die.” She says.

Mr. salisu brought out perfume and spray it on her. She then turned to a very huge crocodile. “Hahaha, you think you have the right to kill me? That cannot be possible, you cannot kill me”. He said to her.

“Hey! great grandson of Falalu, i am not your mate, even your great grandfathers knows me very well, so they don’t even try to play with me and none of their great grandchildren will either. She says.

"Hahaha, if my great grandparents did not have the charm of killing you. I, Salisu has it and i can give you a painful death” He said.

“Keep that your wormy mouth shut, how dare you talking to me in such manners. You are very stupid and I assure you, you will suffer for this even not now, she replied.

Here comes the end of chapter 3, see you next time for another chapter thank you.

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