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Monday, May 3, 2021

The return of the crocodile


It is deadlock to their family. Many people in the village warned them to hesitate eating crocodile because it will affect the family terribly in the future. But they always turned deaf against the advice.

They often replied to them by saying; "They don’t know the sweetness and delicious of crocodile that is why they are against eating the crocodile."

One day Mr. salisu went to the river with three of his male children. He put the net to catch fish, but he can’t drag it out due to heaviness of it, he called his children for assistance because his children are very strong and brave in such aspect.

“Wow; today's meal will be special and delicious." said Mr. salisu

His children smiled and too overwhelmed because that is what they will be eating. Mr. Salisu uses his charm to kill the crocodiles and they all left for home. When they got home, the mother and his daughters were very happy for seeing the big crocodile. "They can’t wait to taste this big crocodile." Said his daughters.

When his wife finished preparing their dinner, she served her husband and then children. She joined her husband to eat the meal.

When eating, Mr. Salisu says; “The villagers are envying of our tradition of eating crocodile."

“Let them envy my dear, it's because we did not give them to taste that is why they fly into temper with us." Said his wife and they all laugh.


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