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Monday, April 26, 2021

The return of the crocodile


I dedicate this book to Almighty Allah and my dearest parent Mr. and Mrs. Jibril Tanko kuta.


In the village of kumba, there was a fisherman called Mr. Salisu; who inherits fishery job from his late father and it is a job they do day-to-day. He is married to one wife and ten children's and he lives in a small house with his family. He has very poor background and the house they lived in contains three rooms. His wife's name is Mrs. Rukayyat Salisu. She sells some fishes that her husband brought home and also sell some frayed ones. Sometimes her females daughters goes to an errand to help in selling some while the male children's helps their father in selling some fresh ones.

Mr. salisu has six male children and four female children. Two of his female children are married while the two are unmarried. He and his male children's went to the big river in the village during daybreak for fishing and comes back home during daylight.

Their favourite is crocodile, because they make it so important as a meat because it is very delicious and cheers when eating. There family always catch crocodile, killed them and then brings it home for their wives to cook it. They always catches a very huge crocodile.

Mr. Salisu has a charm that he inherited from his father. The charm is the reason behind catching crocodiles and they charm only animals and nothing happens to them as well.

Here comes the end of chapter 1 see u next Monday for another chapter.