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Sunday, April 3, 2022

April 03, 2022

The former kaduna central district senator, shehu sani reacted to the suspension of sheikh nuru khalid


Sheikh nuru Khalid, was suspended by musque committee for criticising the government of president Muhammadu Buhari, over the recent attacks of killing innocent Nigerians, by terrorists in kaduna state, especially the bomb of Abuja-Kaduna train

The sheikh said, They (terrorists)can dispatch information, they can dispatch intelligence information as they are government of their own, while our government cannot hear intelligence information and stop the terrorists from killing the innocent Nigerians.

"His criticism of the government reflects the views of most Nigerians. He spokes the truth to power at the right time. I urge the commettee  to reverse the decision" shehu sani said.

Friday, March 25, 2022

March 25, 2022

Things you don't know about Cr7 and benzema

Christiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese professional footballer.
He was born on 5 February 1985, he is 37 years. His current team is Manchester United FC and he is married with 4 kids.

Karim Mostafa Benzema Isa a French professional footballer.
He was born on 19 December, 1987, he is 34 years. His current team are, France national football team (fff) and real Madrid CF.

Ronaldo and Benzema are friends right from childhood, the two are bonded for life, and their frienship carries over to the next generation. They are special for each other.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

December 23, 2021

Don't give money to any girl this Christmas, a pastor warns men


Nigerian preacher and head pastor Omega Fire International Ministry (OFM), Apostle Johnson Suleman has advised single men to not give money to their girlfriends or any lady during the Christmas season.

Speaking at a church service on Sunday, Apostle Suleman bemoaned how relationship has been turned into a business venture for women in the 21st Century and their main aim is to exploit men to meet their financial needs.

He advised young men not to give their girlfriends money who they are not married to and neglect their mothers.

“A young man meet a lady and the next thing she said is, what will you give me? Is relationship a business transaction? If a lady ask you what you will give her, you too ask her what she will give you or what has she given you. Don’t neglect your mother and gives money to a lady you’re not married to.

I’m advising you so that you won’t spend your Christmas in pain. Your mother is in the village, your siblings have not eaten, your parent are stranded yet you’re gathering Christmas money to give to a lady you’re not married to.

Can I give you an advice? If anyone is putting you under pressure this December, turn off your phone and put it on in January, if you can’t handle pressure. Only turn it on if you want to talk to people that are relevant. Don’t give money to any lady this Christmas, take care of your family” Apostle Suleman. – NS

December 23, 2021

man killed his girlfriend for picking her ex call

Benjamin Emily Charles said his cousin, Winnie Ashuli, was visiting her boyfriend when her phone rang. It turned out to be the cousin’s ex-boyfriend and she picked the call. According to Benjamin, this led to an argument as a result of which the boyfriend slapped Winnie and she slapped him back. Winnie then decided she had had enough and was trying to leave the boyfriend’s apartment when the man reportedly blocked her way and tried to hold her against her will. A struggle reportedly ensued during which the man allegedly strangled Winnie.The case has been reported to the police.

Read Benjamin’s full post below:

“THE B*ST!ARD THAT KILLED MY COUSIN SISTER HERE IN U/BORO, OH…! WINNIE(ASHULI)…! RIP. When she went to his house, and a call from her ex-boyfriend came into her phone. And that created a quarrel where he slapped her and she slapped (him) back, and said she (would) leave his house and never come back again, so he blocked his door that she will not leave and then she began struggling (with my cousin who) wanted going home, and (then) he started beating her, till he strangled her to death.

Friday, December 17, 2021

December 17, 2021

Sylvester death: our views


Recently, the death of a student of Dowen College, Lagos, Sylvester Oromoni, caused fear among people who have children in boarding houses. It also caused confusion and worry among some secondary school students. The circumstances that led to the boy’s death is not an acceptable one to the society as many questions came to mind. Some students of Valencia Schools, Oluyole, Ibadan spoke on the incident.

David Okebukola, 14, SSS 1

I felt a slight shock, pity and a sense of drought, unable to reason why Sylvester could be bullied to the point of death. Why could that kind of action be carried out? In my opinion, it was a feeling of being feared and being able to trample on those weaker than you that played out.

Parents believe that their children would improve on their academic work grades when they live in the school. This is more so for those of them who are not available always to attend to their kids. So they have to take them to a place they believe is safe (a boarding house). However, in order to prevent such incident again, there would be need for time to time interactions with students by school authority.

Radiant Adebiyi, 10, JSS 1

Sylvester’s death really hurt my feelings and I felt like crying. I felt those boys should have just left him alone. I watched some video clips about the incident. The boy was forced to join cultism but he didn’t want to. I think that kind of occurrence can be stopped by teaching children to love one another, be their brothers’ keeper and not to force others to do things they do not want to do and if they don’t listen, get punished.

Adebambo Oluwafemifola, 11, JSS 2

When things are against my wish, I report to a senior for advice and to report to the school authority. As a boarder, our house parents informed us of the incident. I was shocked, pained and wondered what I would have done if I were the one in that situation. Coming to boarding school was brought up by my parents and I agreed because I have never experienced what hostel life is like. I am really coping well as a boarder in Valencia because we enjoy a lot, meet new people, and learn a lot of things including socials skills, boost in our level of tolerance and morals from our hostel parents.

Schools should put efforts in addressing students or monitor their behaviours and CCTV can be installed in some areas of the school to prevent such happening in school premises so that the school’s good name could be maintained.

Muthmainah Siyanbola, 10, JSS 1

It is not a crime for parents to enroll their children in boarding schools because each of them has their reasons. I heard about the happening from my hostel parents. I felt sad and wished I knew the culprits and the boy. I would sue the culprits or get them punished by the government. What schools can do to avoid a repeat are: To bring up their students up not bully others, students being bullied should learn how to speak out and students involving in such action when caught must be dealt with. I chose to be a boarder because I wanted to meet new friends and live with other people.

Angel Udevbure, 12, JSS 3

My house mistress called a meeting to address us when the news of Sylvester’s broke and I was shocked. I was emotional and I tried putting myself in his shoes and I kept seeing bad images in respect of the event. With the incident of Sylvester, I suggest schools should call their students and address them against bullying or threatening of one another, telling them of the dangers in it just like they did in my school. I feel the boy’s school should be blamed because they are accountable for the life of every student in their care. In Valencia, any student caught in the act would be expelled. I personally chose to be a boarder because I feel the boarding house makes you independent and hardworking. It would not also be wrong for parents to decide to put their children in boarding school because it is not a place to get harmed. It is a place that gives you beautiful experiences; when you can learn to open up, you are good to go.

Raadiyat Taiwo, 9, JSS 2

I felt sad about the incident that led to Sylvester’s death and I started crying as I wondered how a 12-year-old would die because no child deserves to die. I feel one of the reasons parents put their children in boarding school is to get to school early, so it is not in any way a wrong decision. If I am forced to do what I do not like, the first step is that I will inform my parents before telling the head of school about it. Then after that, I will not be a friend with that person anymore. The cause of bullying and related acts should be curbed by banning the course of bullying students and teach how to love one another. Students’ activities should also be monitored.

David Shola-Akinwale, 13, JSS 3

The news of Sylvester’s incident left me worried, imagining I was in the boy’s shoes and what decision or path I would have followed. Scenes like this are so unfortunate because it could have been avoided; a life was lost. In a standard school, events and matters like this shouldn’t even be coming up. Personally, my blame is on the school, the families of the criminals and the environment they were brought up. For a teenager still in secondary school to have thoughts of taking a life is sad. Being a boarder today was a joint decision so I could improve on myself and avoid distractions. A child sees the real world and gets to gain more experience like an adage says “experience is the best teacher.”

December 17, 2021

2005 sosoliso crash survival


On 10th December, 2005, Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 which was on a scheduled domestic passenger flight between Abuja and Port Harcourt crashed.

Of the 103 passengers and 7 crew members in the flight, there were only two survivors.

Kechi and 59 other secondary school mates of hers from Loyola Jesuit College in Abuja boarded the plane, with Kechi Okwuchi being the only survivor from her school. 16-year-old Kechi was left with third-degree burns over 65 percent of her body.

She remembered her schoolmates who lost their lives in the crash.

She shared a new photo of herself with the caption;

“To the 60 angels of December 10th… hey

It’s that time of year again, when I take the time to honor your memory in every way I can.

I just realized it’s been exactly 16 years since this plane crash that happened when I was 16. Wow.

I hope you’re still watching, angels, I hope I’m still making you proud.

I want you to know that I finally wrote that book and you’re all in it. Of course you are.

I wrote it in memory of you, in memory of all the other lives that we lost that day, and in the hope that someone somewhere would read it and feel the impact that your lives have had in mine so far.

Your memory continues to give me purpose.

Thank you, angels.

Gone, but never forgotten

Monday, December 6, 2021

December 06, 2021

The first 419 in the history of Nigeria


It was this Itsekiri man who as an agent first leased Warri city lands to the British Government in 1908 (from Ogbe Ijoh and Agbassa lands).

But Was Dore Numa a Native of Warri City? No. He was a Native of Odogene village in the Benin River. He was approached as an agent, not the owner. But most of the lands he leased resulted into court cases, because he claimed them to be Olu lands.

This was because there was no Olu then and he was appointed by the British as a Warrant Chief to represent the Itsekiri people since there was no OLU. This he did so that he could collect all the proceeds of the Leases into his pocket. All the lands he leased whether Urhobo, Ijaw or Itsekiri lands ended up in court cases as the real owners challenged him that the lands were not Olu lands.

He leased Ogbe Ijoh lands(Ijaw)

He leased Agbassa lands( Urhobo)

He leased Ogidigben lands(Itsekiri)

He leased Sapele lands(Urhobo)

He leased Oghara lands.(Urhobo)

When he was alive He did not lose any case.


Because he was Power exemplified in the Warri Province.( Later Delta Province). He was the Paramount Chief of the Warri Province, the last person you meet before you get to the Resident (British). He was the Executive Traditional head.

He was the Head of the Warri native court of appeal- in other words- the Chief Judge of the state in Customary and land matters.

He was also a law maker.

He was the only member in the whole of the South South that was a member of the Nigerian National Council of 1914 formed by Lord lugard. So he was a Chief Judge, a Federal Minister a Governor and a Parliamentarian. And most of these appointments came directly from England, for he was a recipient of the king’s medal in 1907.

He was given this Position because he help betrayed Nana in 1894, by showing the British a Secret route to enter Ebrohimi. He also did that against Oba Ovonranmwen in 1897.

He was able to win all these cases, because he was dealing with a Population that was highly illiterate.

When he knows that he would lose a case, he will opt to use legal technicalities made by the rules of court, which he knows very well but which his victims did not know.

1) How come every piece of land he leased for the BRITISH (Whether Urhobo, Ijaw or Itsekiri) as Olu land ended up as a court case?

2) How come he did not lose any of the Court cases when he was alive but his Successors from

Ginuwa II, lost all the lands in the same Court case except the Agbassa lands which even Parliament had to intervene to remedy??

In 1941, Oghara recovered their lands using the courts.

In 1942, Sapele recovered their lands using the Courts.

Now see how selfish this man could be?? He went to court claiming that he leased the lands as Olu lands and because he occupies the office of the Olu, he should take the proceeds.

But the blood descendants of the Olu led by Denedo and William Moore sued that if the lands were Olu lands, then the Proceeds ought to be given to the blood descendants of the Olu and not a British appointed Warrant Chief like him.

Dore Numa argued that the money from the lease belonged to the “Office” of the Olu and not the “Person” of the Olu.


He won them down to the Supreme Court.

But the descendants of the Olu were also crafty and cunning.

Seeing that the money belonged to the office of the Olu as decreed by the Courts, they quickly wrote to the Government that they have decided to crown an Olu for themselves after 88 years of interregnum and needed that Money to build a new Palace for the incoming Olu in ODE ITSEKIRI.

At last the British accepted the Superior logic. Dore had been cornered.

The British had no choice and asked Dore Numa to stop forthwith, using the full funds.

He should keep 1/6th for himself, and pay 5/6th into the Olu trust Fund.

That was a big blow to him and he never forgave the Itsekiris for that.

Why you may ask?

Because immediately he got a Court Judgement against the Agbassa Urhobo people on fraudulent technical ground that they were Customary Tenants to the jikiris, the jikris of Okere took the Okumagba family to court being that they are Urhobos. They claimed that by that Agbassa Judgement, the Urhobos in Okere were Tenants to the jikiris and must pay them rents.

Surprisingly the Court of first instance gave the jikiris victory using the Ogegere versus Dore Numa as an Authority.

But the Okumagba family appealed to the Appeal court headed by Dore Numa himself, a Court in which he presided.

But Dore Numa shocked his own jikiris to their bone marrow, by paying them back for removing food from his mouth.

So in the 1927 case of Nikoro Versus Okumagba, Chief Dore Numa gave the Historic

Judgement that:

“The Urhobos and the Jikiris have been living together for centuries, without one paying rent to the other…And I cannot hold so now”…

This controversial man died in 1932

Saturday, December 4, 2021

December 04, 2021

See what a bride did that makes people angry


The freedom to do whatever we like in public is getting into the heads of some of our young ladies. They find joy in immorality and they expose their bodies in any way they like. With what we are seeing every day, one can sense that immorality is on the rise in our society, and the law enforcement agency needs to be aware of this so that abnormalities can be reduced.

African ladies are beginning to act based on what they have learnt from the civilised world, which is one more reason why the rate of indecency is getting out of hand in Africa. This is the case of a beautiful lady who got married to a pastor, but it was her mode of dressing that attracted people’s attention

Friday, December 3, 2021

December 03, 2021

Mother and child burnt abeakuta tanker explosion


A mother and her child were burnt beyond recognition on Sunday at Lafenwa, Abeokuta, when a petrol-laden tanker exploded and went up in flames.

The Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Ogun State, Ahmed Umar, confirmed this to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abeokuta.

Mr Umar said the tanker driver was manoeuvring through bad portions of the road when the vehicle fell on its side.

He said also that the FRSC, the police, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps and the Fire Service were on ground, adding that injured victims were taken to the hospital.

“The two deceased were burnt beyond recognition. An angry mob who threw stones at security agents at the scene also destroyed a Fire engine.

“The police were able to calm the situation and few of the hoodlums were arrested,’’ Mr Umar said.

The spokesperson of the state’s Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Corps, Babatunde Akinbiyi, had earlier confirmed the incident to journalists.

Mr Akinbiyi said the tanker went up in flames because of the uncooperative attitude of people around the incident who were scooping fuel and engaging in other unwholesome acts which sparked the fire.

He said the tanker had an axle problem and overturned at about 4:45 a.m. while making its way around Lafenwa, spilling its content on the road.

He advised the general public to vacate the area, saying that TRACE, the police, the FRSC and the Fire Service were all on ground to put the situation under control.

NAN reports that several shops in the area were also destroyed by the fire. ( NAN )

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

November 30, 2021

How bankers help us to steal money from costomers account,


A suspected hacker identified as Habib Aliyu has confessed how some bank workers help him with information to easily hack people’s accounts through their stolen phones.

The 29 years old suspect was arrested when a gang of notorious armed robbers alleged that he was one of their frequent receivers of stolen goods.

The armed robbers alleged that Habib and several others still at large normally collect the SIM (Subscribers Identification Module) cards from them and withdraw money from the owner’s account.

He was tracked down and arrested in Mushin area of Lagos state and he confessed to have used the SIM card s in those stolen phones to steal money from the accounts of the victims. He also revealed the roles played by some staff of five new generation banks whose responsibilities were to provide account numbers with money and codes.

In an interview with The Sun, Habib claimed that he was recruited by a syndicate made up of notorious armed robbers and phone hackers.

His words: “My name is Habib Aliyu and I am from Ogun State, I dropped out of school when my father died and there was no other way to survive. After spending so many years in the village with my mother, I was sent to go and learn plumbing work at Mushin area.

I had learnt the work and could fix a pipe without supervision, so my boss would send me alone to his customers.

“Two years ago, I was sent to a house in Mushin and when I got there, I met so many boys with computers. I knew that they are yahoo boys and they were discussing about SIM cards. I managed to join the conversation and was lamenting how I had suffered and would like to succeed in life. I was asked to join them but that I must join their cult group. I was desperate, so I joined them the Eiye fraternity . I was initiated that very day and asked to go home and come back the next day.

“I did not tell my boss what happened but lied that the people asked me to come back and check the pipe again. This was how I started learning the work.

“They have different groups and we call them squads. I am under Mushin, Ikorodu and Agege group. I can be drafted to work in any of these areas. Those whose job is to steal phones and bring the SIM card to us are called the strike squad.

“I belong to the cash squad. Our job is to use computer and withdraw money from that account. I learnt the job for one week before I was allowed to work independently. I told my boss and family that I got a cleaning job in that compound and they believed me.”

On how they withdraw money from people’s account, Habib alleged that they now rely on bankers to provide specific information for them.

“Every bank has its own USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code already, we dial several codes on the stolen line and as soon as we get a response, we will know the bank. We will be able to know if the person uses birth date as pin. The BVN number can be gotten from any phone with ease.

“If it is so difficult, we will quickly call our contacts in the bank to provide information for us. They can tell you which account you can find money because of time. They also let us know the three digits on the person’s ATM card .

“This is needed when you want to transfer big money from the account or use it to buy products online. We normally work at night or early hours of the morning. We work with time because Nigerians are wiser, they will quickly block the line if you waste time. Depending on when you are on duty, we start around 11pm when the strike force who left for night raid returns with stolen phones. And we also work by 6am for those who managed to do early morning raid. Banks open by 8am, so if you are not able to work fast the owner will walk into the bank and block the account.

“Some people are too wise not to store their account number on the phone, so we need the help of our contact inside the bank to get such sensitive information. You simply give them the phone number and the information will be provided. It is Segun that has the responsibility to reach out to them. There are five new generation banks that we normally love using.

“I have promised to help the police to catch Segun and I promise my family that I will go back to my plumbing work. Crime does not pay.”

On their sharing formula, Habib claimed that they lose more money by using contacts in the bank. “We try as much as we can to decode the account without any form of help from inside. If we use them, then they will be given 40 per cent of what we get. We will now share the remaining 60 per cent. If they did not help us, then we will give the strike force 60 per cent and take 40 per cent. We are small time hackers because we do not have the application to move millions out of people’s account. We rarely move than N100, 000 in 24 hours. It’s only those that are stolen on Fridays that you can take as much as possible before Monday. Most importantly, if we see big money in an account, Segun will tell our insider to deactivate their email alert, so that the person will assume that all is well till he retrieves his SIM card from the service provider.

“The business is becoming difficult every day because people now know how to block their lines online. If you are not fast, you will not get a kobo. The only way to stop us is by putting password on your SIM card. I am very sorry; my greatest wish is to become an engineer. I am ready to help the police to arrest the others, especially Segun.”

On how he was caught, Habib said that he received a call from one of their suppliers and he went to pick the SIM card with the intent to do it alone.

“The guy told me that we would share the proceeds into two and I agreed to meet up with him. I never knew that the police had arrested him. This was how they caught me. Since I joined them, they have never arrested me because we are very careful.”

November 30, 2021

3 died in motor accident from lagos-Ibadan Expressway


Three people are dead on the lagos-Ibadan Expressway on Sunday in an accident involving two vehicles.

Ogun Command of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) said the accident occurred at Ogere, near Sapade in the state.

The Sector Commander, Mr Ahmed Umar, confirmed the accident to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at Ota, Ogun.

He said that one other person sustained injuries in the incident.

Umar explained that five people were involved in the accident between a Nissan car with Registration Number, GH 597 LND and a Mack truck marked SMK 499 XU.

“The survivors are receiving treatment at a hospital here in Ogun State, while two of the dead were deposited at the morgue of the same hospital.

“Efforts are on-going to extricate the third deceased from the wreckage,’’ he said.

He blamed the accident on route violation and excessive speeding and cautioned motorists against violating traffic rules and regulations.

Umar also commiserated with families of the victims and enjoined them to contact FRSC Ogbere Command in Ogun State for additional information about the crash.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

November 28, 2021

Married club night owner found dead in a car with side chick


A nightclub owner in Kano, Steve Ayika has been found dead with his girlfriend in a tinted car.

Police reportedly found the married man and father of two kids, in a compromising position, with the side chick, identified as Chiamaka Emmanuel.

The two were discovered early on 23 November, according to the Kano Police Command, with the car locked and phones switched off.

Some reports said the lady was due to get married in December to another man.

The Police in a statement on Thursday did not indicate the cause of death or whether there was any foul pay.

Ayika, who owned Knight House in Kano, was from Ebu in Delta state.

He was married to Jennifer Johnson, who he celebrated on Facebook on 25 June on her birthday as ‘sweet love” and his “everything”.

Jennifer, who is from Enugu on her part used Ayika’s photo as her cover photo on Facebook, to demonstrate her love for the father of her son, born in 2019.

Unknown to her, Steve had a side chick, even while professing love to her.